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Northern Ontario Modular Home Shipping

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Buying a modular home and picking out all of the interior designs and selections is great fun! Watching the home come into your property on the back of a transport truck and get set into place is also a cool experience. In just a few hours, a home is now on your lot and the final touches are being performed so you can move in and enjoy it! Before this all can happen, the home has to travel across a few provinces on the back of the truck along designated highways safely and timely with a stop or two along the way for refueling.

To travel on the highways, the load cannot exceed a certain width. To have the home arrive in Ontario, that width is 16 feet. There is also a maximum length that can be moved of around 69ft. This is why most modular homes are rectangular in shape. Many models of homes are designed to put multiple "boxes" together when arriving at the home site. Therefore widening the width from 16ft to x based on the model design and how many boxes are delivered.

There are also many roads in Ontario that have load restrictions based on the time of year. The weight of the transport and cargo cannot exceed x number of lbs during the winter months. This limits the time frame for when you can have a home delivered. As much as we would like to sell you a home and deliver it in January, these restrictions make it impossible to do so. Our sales team will explain all these details to you when planning your new home project.

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