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Modular Homes: Quality & Cost Savings

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Modular homes have been around for many years. Recently, more attention has been given to them in the media because they offer a great option for homes at an affordable price. They are also better built than most stick built homes, have incredible energy efficiency ratings and have the best in modern up-to-date styling available. This post highlights some of the advantages you will find with our modular homes. For more information, book an appointment to speak with one of our dedicated sales representatives.


Energy Efficient

  • award winning manufacture for energy efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • Energy guide and Energy-star certified

The Most Comprehensive Warranty in the Business

  • Limited lifetime warranty on: Roofing shingles, vinyl siding, fixtures, windows

Factory Built

Having your home built in a factory environment has so many benefits. In a controlled environment, the craftsmen building your home are able to use dry materials (like kiln dried lumber) that are never stored in the elements picking up moisture that can lead to shrinkage and mould and complete the build on budget and on time without any delays.

The home goes through many different building stations as it progresses through the factory. Each station has a team of workers and a supervisor that are experts in their building area. The in-plant quality control meets and exceeds the most up to date building codes. Products are installed according to the manufacture's instructions; no short cuts are ever taken. This is why the manufacturers offer such great warranties on our homes.

As the home moves from one station to the next, the home's build instructions are sent along with it. This ensures that the supervisors of each station know what the custom elements of the design are and build the pieces according to those instructions.

Our homes are built by seasoned experts and are done right the first time. They are built from the inside out which is the opposite of a stick framed home. This process allows for the workers to assure everything is sealed correctly before the insulation is installed. The result allows for a tighter building envelop.


  • High quality custom cabinetry

  • Painted wood interior trim (not MDF)

  • Quality plumbing fixtures

Cost Savings

  • Built in a 130,000 square foot facility employing 300 people

  • Homes are built simultaneously indoors in a shorter period of time compared to other build methods

  • Results in lower labor costs

  • Results in lower customer prices!

Trusted Roofs

Engineered roof trusses with 4/12 pitch on mini homes and 5/12 on bungalows are designed for maximum snow load are designed for maximum load. (6/12, 7/12 pitch is optional). 12/12 pitch is standard on Capes. 30 YEAR WARRANTY fiberglass shingles are installed to guarantee long-lasting good looks for years to come

Reliable Siding

Mitten Vinyl siding, and Kohlteck vinyl windows with a 30-year parts and labor warranty insure a totally maintenance free exterior for the life of your building.

Superior Flooring

Superior design and high quality make our floors the strongest in the industry. 2 x 10 kiln-dried lumber floor joist are 16” o/c, double perimeter rim joists, 5/8” T & G plywood with an additional 1/4” plywood underlayment under the vinyl flooring means that year in and year out you’ll enjoy the luxury of quality.

Strong Walls

Walls are constructed with 2 x 6 kiln-dried lumber, 16” o/c with full 2 x 6 top and bottom plates. Plywood exterior sheathing is installed to provide maximum strength.


Better built, on schedule and lower costs. Modular homes are definitely a great option for your next home. It is clear why these homes are gaining in popularity. Book you appointment to come see us and get your project started!

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